December 6, 2012


Now. I know it's totally Winter right now and you're like what the heck, why would I wear sunscreen, or read about it? Well, like my mom always says, "You might not see the sun, but the sun sees you". Good point, ma.
So, you really should be wearing sunscreen all year long. Even if you say, "Well, my makeup has suncreen", put some on underneath. I don't even need to tell you all the benefits of wearing sunscreen, but I know you all want to be forever youthful, so put some on and think of it as anti-aging insurance.
I really hate suncreen. I hate the smell, the texture, the thickness, it's usually very gross. Especially in the Summer when you sweat. But! This Kiehl's formula is sooo water thin, lightweight and barely smells. Your skin does not even feel like it is wearing sunscreen, but, now you're well protected! So put some on everyday before you leave the house and you will thank yourself when you're 85.


  1. How is this for oiliness? I hate how even supposedly non-greasy sunscreen looks greasy when you put it on your face/chest.

  2. Not oily at all it sinks right in!


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